Senior Show 2014 Campaign

"We design" was a campaign I created to promote the senior show at the Shintaro Akatsu School of Design in 2014. All design departments (i.e. graphic, industrial, and interior design) were presenting their seniors' work. Since designing is what we all had in common I decided to utilize the most common tools each designer uses in their respective programs as an overarching theme.

 we design poster blue
 we design poster teal
 we design poster orange
 we design social media

The campaign was comprised of many parts: advertising the event by hanging up posters around campus, sending out postcard invitations to the school's alumni and supporters, and of course posting on social media.

On the day of the event I thought it would be a nice addition to give out name tags to attendees to help make the networking process easier.

 we design post cards
 we design name tags
 we design exhibition

Two of my good friends and class mates and me standing in front of our senior projects.

 we design exhibition and SASD alumni show 2014

At the alumni show where we all got our awards and honors.