Brand Identity – CARP

CARP (Collegiate Association of the Research of Principles) is a network of students who explore and apply life principles. Their mission is to create active communities dedicated to personal development and social impact through discussion and application of their core values: Spirituality, Relationships, Value, Integrity & Purpose. 

In an effort to match their visual brand to their new vision, I designed their logo and created brand standards for a consistent look for future usage.


The letter ‘C’ stands for CARP just like greek clubs use one or more letters to represent their organization. The simple slab serif typography is professional yet current at the same time. Together the colors gold and maroon create the CARP logo which highlights balance, warmth, and purpose. Designed to mirror other collegiate-related chapter emblems, the shield creates a distinct look in the campus culture and also signifies a strength that members armor themselves when applying CAPR's core principles. The five points of the shield also represent the five core values: Spirituality, Relationships, Value, Integrity, and Purpose. The balance of the two halves of the shield represents the balance that the founder encouraged in students: academic excellence and excellence in character. Both are necessary for true sustainable success.

13641069_10154821848609879_2156128973378039205_o copy.jpg
13925439_10154821849214879_1191899137200217844_o copy.jpg