AmyVB Wellness Rebranding Process

For all of you who are interested in seeing a bit more of my work process I put together this study that outlines the basic steps I take to redesign a brand.

I was introduced to Amy who runs a Wellness business and was asked to rebrand it for her. I was happy to accept the job and got to start off with her logo redesign. 

Amy was looking for something that was simple and elegant, and definitely not busy looking. She likes nature a lot and even though she offers yoga she didn't want the logo to be a figure in a yoga pose.

AmyVB Wellness logo sketches


To begin the logo design process I started looking into existing yoga and wellness brands. After getting a feel of Amy's competition I drew some sketches to get some concepts going.

Once I felt like I explored enough options on paper I picked a variety of logos to digitize and presented them to Amy. 


AmyVB Wellness logo concepts

First round of concepts

After having showed Amy concepts that symbolized freedom, elegance, oneness with nature, and harmony she immediately jumped on her favorite one—the soaring bird.


Final logo

Just a few tweaks needed to be made to the mark and typeface and voila: The final logo was created.

AmyVB Wellness final logo design
AmyVB Wellness business card concepts

Business card options

Having locked down the newly designed logo Amy asked me to redesign her business card as well. Following that same style of simplicity and openness I created some options for her to choose from.


Final business card design

With some picking and choosing from the concepts at hand we agreed on a calmer more subdued color scheme and layout for the business card design.

AmyVB Wellness final business card design
AmyVB Wellness final business card design

Gift certificate designa

Now that the logo and business cards were done it was time to get working on the gift certificates—a must-have for a wellness studio.


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